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Animal Memory for Kids

Developer: Twisted Galaxy

Animal Memory for Kids is a game of memory where your child gets to enhance their memory!★ Lots of animals to explore!★ Listen to the sound of each animal!★ Learn what the animal is called on your language!*★ Your child will enhance their memory skills!
☛ The game consists of a lot of animals and their sounds to explore!
☛ The game is voiced by a speech synthesizer that will tell your child what animal is showing up on each card and it will praise your child if managed to get a pair or won the game!
* The speech synthesizer supports the following languages for the current version: English (EN) Arabic (AR) Danish (DA) German (DE) Spanish (ES) Finnish (FI) French (FR) Japanese (JA) Norweigan (NO) Portuguese (PR) Swedish (SV) Chinese (ZH)
For additional language support, and/or suggestions, feel free to email me.